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Psychology Resources

My first delve into the world of psychology was at the University of Sussex where I did a degree in Experimental Psychology. At that time I was interested in vision psychology, lager, human cognition and brown ale.

Having graduated, I then headed to Wales, Cardiff to be exact, and became involved in the investigation of remembering to do things, or PROSPECTIVE MEMORY.

Having completed a PhD (entitled "Incidental Cueing of Propsective Memory"), which I may one day put on the web (though probably wont)... I headed South to Reading to work in the more applied field of driving.

I am currently embroiled in...
the development of effective driver training programmes,
gender and age differences in driver behaviour and attitudes,
social facilitation in driving behaviour ("I am the passenger..."),
hazard perception and speed choice in relation to static hazards (such as schools).

Drop me a line if you want to know more about any of the above...

Here are a couple of links to psych resources...

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CTI Directory of Psychology Software
The British Psychological Society
The APA Publication crib sheet
Road Injury Prevention Journal

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