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Lizard   Newsletter   9


Hello chaps

More witterings from The Lizard Kings.

Well, the first gig of the year has been done. Many thanks to those who came down to see us at J.W.'s last wednesday... hope you had as good a time as you seemed to! For those that missed it, lots of beer and jumping about was enjoyed by all. J.W.'s is a fun little venue and we'll try to get down there again in the non-too distant future. Cheers to the members of Reading other best bands, Turky and Toy Bridge for not throwing things.

The next gig is upstairs at the Alleycat supporting the Mutton Birds as thier tour whips them through Reading.

Here's what Blah Blah had to say about them...

New Zealanders The Mutton Birds have two platinum albums in their homeland, "The Mutton Birds" and "Salty". They have been described as a band of "desolate beauty and cooly bittersweet yearning" (Select), Music Week said "Definitely go and see them live", and Brian Richie from the Violent Femmes, with whom the band have toured, said "Just as cricket is superior to baseball, the Mutton Birds are far superior to any American band"

...anyone who gets the thumbs up from the Violent Femmes has to be well worth a look in my book.

Anyway, why not come and see what the kiwi's can do this Saturday (24th Jan). Go on... you can sleep all day on Sunday!

After that the big news is Camden Town on Feb 2nd. The LK's are currently trying to organise some transport for anyone who fancies a night out in London. Let me know if you want to come and I'll see what I can do. I'll have some more details soon.

Still to be confirmed is a gig at Beethovens... hopefully get summut sorted with that one soon.
See you all soon



Sorry its such a short one this time (as the bishop said to the actress) but I'm stupidly busy at the moment... I promise to include more gags next time!

Thought for the Day:

"Me lost me cookie at the disco. Me lost me cookie in the boogie music."
-Cookie Monster

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