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Lizard   Newsletter   4

Hi Lizard Lovers

Sorry about the delay of the last newsletter... wont happen again, I promise!

Anyway, what's been happening? I'll tell you what's been happening, mate... gigs is what's been happening!

We've been fighting for our lives in two seperate Battle of the Band events; at the Alleycat on Tuesday and at the Union on Thursday! Cor! So how did they go???

Tuesday was a tough night, with the LK's opening the proceedings, followed by the splendid accoustic mellowness of Alex Bell and topped off with Smacker. Being the first on stage is always a tricky business and to cut to the chase we narrowly lost out to Wokingham-based Smacker.

Thursday was the first heat in a national bands contest sponsored by Southern Comfort and the first time we'd played in the main hall of the Students Union. With a large bottle of booze up for grabs, the stakeswere high, though that did not prevent much good natured tom-foolery between the Lizards and the chaps from Turky, who had the unenviable task of kicking off the nights proceedings with thier own brand of superb pop. To romo or not to romo, that appeared to be the question. Strong songs well played was the verdict of the assembled Lizards, who were next on the bill. We think we put in one of our better sets despite Ed breaking his Superweapon! Jumping about was, as ever, the order of the night and much fun was had by all.

The set was...
Orange Tree Song
Superweapon 70's
Fame Train
Voodoo Murders
Circus Show
Get it in the back

We received a fair amount of positive feedback from assembled punters, which was nice and speaking for the rest of the band, we really enjoyed the gig.

Following us was British Air Powers and finishing the night was the out-of-town teens, Void who romped through a competant set of covers. Fearing that the covers band would steal the show, the lizard-lads set about unloading the gear... but lo, come the announcement of winners...

(dramatic pause)

... we won! Or rather WE WON!!! This turn of fate lead to even more jumping about than Ed normally does during Fame Train. Anyway, this means that we are through to the regional finals and will meet 4 other bands from around the south on December 6th. The good news is that the venue will be Reading Students Union again... so any and all "home support" you can muster will be great! Keep an eye on the local papers who were covering the event for a write-up (I think it was the Post).


Another positive thing to come out of the night was forging some useful links with Turky, who like Toy Bridge last Friday, were a lot of fun to play with... look out for possible joint future events!

The next gig on the horizon is this coming Thursday (20th) at the Rising Sun Pub (the one near the station... NOT the Arts Centre). We'll be ably supported by Shifter and the night will be free entry and late opening. Should be a good atmosphere and a great night out if you can make it.

Hope to see you then

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