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Lizard   Newsletter   14


Evening all!
More newsletter fun with Electric Lizard! Isnt this what makes life worth living? Your irregular dose of gossip and libel from the cold-blooded horsemen of the pop apocalypse!

Lots to tell this issue, so put the kettle on and settle in for a while.

As you are undoubtedly aware, we played last Friday at the Prince of Wales. What a stormer!!! If you missed it, you missed a cracker... one of the best we've played. Lots of beer and dancing and beer. Truth be told the true hero of the day was James Turky, who's last minute lending of his microphone and general PA dickering prevented the evening being a feedback drenched mess. Good work James!

Special merit also awarded to Stu Bell for getting my head together during the half time break and getting the lighting sorted. Cheers!

Thumbs aloft for the sterling work of Rob who played the bass while I sang "The Passenger" ... (I told you, if you missed this gig, you missed out!)... you can catch Rob supporting Hot Chocolate at the Uni ball this summer. Many cheers to the staff and punters of the Prince for making it such a great gig.

Phew! For me, highlights of the gig were ... well... just about all of it, particularly the second set when it started getting sweaty. Hopefully we will be down there again in the non-too distant future. Well, enough gushing and onto the rest of the news...

Disasterous news for those in the know, Turky-wise. Here it is quoted from the Turky mailing list...

"Turky has now officially dissolved and no longer exists. However, we shall be performing on July 1st. This will be our farewell show and the last time that the three of us will ever perform live in this form. This is your last chance. Attend. I promise to go out with a boom.

We would not, however, use the word "split". This implies a dramatic separation, with arguments musical or personal. This is not the case. We are still of course great little chums.

We did not overly desire to stop, but this is a necessary action, for geographical and logistical reasons. One of number is leaving Reading and the other two have no desire to carry on without him. If the chance arises in the future, we may well work together again, but this does not at present appear likely."

So, Reading loses a class act... lets hope temporarily. Needless to say the Lizards will be performing at the July 1st gig, which will be at the Alleycat. All I can say is that its going to take a note from your mum if you miss this one, as this could be your last chance to, well... "fly like a turky".

That's right ladies and gentlemen, competition time. We have managed to secure some fab and distinctly groovy top-draw prizes to give away to you, the official friends of the Lizard. Simply answer the question below and you could win a fabulous prize!!

On offer this newsletter is a breath-takingly life-like, multi-coloured toy lizard. This quality piece of merchandise has been lovingly crafted in molded plastic by skilled technicians in China. It's got eyes and everything. A wonderful prize that would grace any mantlepiece or trophy cabinet. I've got one on the top of my computer monitor and it never fails to attract the attention of visitors to my office.
"My!", they coo, "What a simply wonderful Lizard!"

Words alone cannot describe the rosy glow of pride and contentment one gets when ones lizard is complemented (stop laughing at the back!).

Now you have the opportunity to own one of these delightful plastic products. Simply use your skill and imagination to answer the question below and tell us in less than 15 words what YOU think the Electric Lizard sound like.

Answers to be emailed to me, and judged by the band members. The judges decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into (unless Ben thinks that you sound dirty). Your statuatory rights are not effected and your home may be at risk if you let us come round after the pubs shut (you ask James!).

The Question:

Which of the following animals is classed as a reptile;
(a) cow
(b) salamander
(c) sperm whale
(d) otter
(e) lional blair

The Tie-braker:
I think that Electric Lizard sound like...

Runners up will recieve old Lizard Kings stickers that we are trying to shift.

If the response is good, and we get enough good quotes to put in our press pack, we may make the competition a regular feature. We reserve the right to attribute your quote to George Harrison, Kurt Cobain or Des O' Connor (depending on where we want to get a gig).

Well, that's it for this week. Hope to see you all soon.



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Whatever tears out your heart and fails to kill you will either make you stronger or turn you into a complete and utter Yuppie.

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