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Lizard   Newsletter   11


Ahoy, me hearties!

Welcome to yet another issue of your favourite Email bundle. Hoorah! Yes, that's right... contained below is all the news relating to those scaled funsters, The Lizard Kings. Face it, you love it!

In response to the hundreds of you who mailed in enquiring about the recent radio silence, there has been no action on the newsletter front for the last couple of weeks because of illness and holiday. After the Camden experience (of which more later) I was a bit under the weather, thank you for asking. After that I was in foriegn parts training hard for the next winter olympics... at least that's what I told the arresting officer. (Relatively) Normal service is now resumed.

The biggest news this issue is.... we are changing the name of the band!! Yes! You read that correctly... we are no longer going to be called The Lizard Kings. Many apologies to those of you who have had the name tattood onto your buttocks (and elsewhere) but I've checked with my solicitor and I'm not legally accountable! So, why the change? Well... after our foray into London, it became clear that "The Lizard Kings" were always going to be associated with Doors cover bands, which as you good people know, we are not. Ho hum. So it was with a leaden heart and skinful of beer that we set about trying to think of a new name.

The "The" part of the name was rapidly discarded with but a few tears. We wanted to keep the "Lizard" part to maintain some continuity, which meant that the "Kings" had to go. I for one was not too worried, having never been a monarchist (the problem is that The Lizard Prolateriat isnt very catchy). So as time was running out, and an Alleycat write up loomed, we sought the right adjective to bang in front of Lizard. By the time we had asked everyone in the pub we had been variously...

Funky Lizard
Golden Lizard
Matt Burkes & The Matt Burkes Experience (my favourite)
Trouser Lizard (well... really)
Voodoo Lizard

Things were getting desperate... it was nearly last orders! Eventually we settled on.....

Electric Lizard (courtesy of Ruth's mum!)

So there you have it. The Lizard Kings are dead, long live Electric Lizard (or something like that). The long and short of it is, that if you see a band advertised with the word "lizard" in the title, it will probably be us! New stickers are on order and I promise to make sure that everyone has one!

What do you think? I think I'll rather miss being a Lizard King, but there's no stopping progress. We've got a belting new logo sorted out too.

Camden Town, The Laurel Tree... we came, we saw, we soundchecked, we conqured. What more is there to tell? More London dates soon... you'll hear it first here.

Next we are off to the wilds of Bracknell (dont laugh) for a gig on March 5th in the cellar bar at South Hill Park. We will be supportive the illustrious Shifter and it should be a right larf! Travel details forthose in Reading who want to come and experience the event will be banged about shortly. Hurrah!

Remember the regional final of Southern Comfort battle of the bands? Remember the band on after us? You know... The Other Garden. Well they dug us so deep (daddio) that they are coming to Reading to play with us again. The venue will be the Alleycat and the lineup should also feature Shifter and Toy Bridge, making it a right bumper crop of musical delights. This all-star extravaganza will probably take place on March 17th, though I'll let you know as soon as it confirmed.

Well thats all the news for the time being. Remember the new name and look forward to seeing you soon.



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bugger... going to have to update that now...

Thought for the Day:

Blimey! Isnt Electric Lizard a good name for a band?

Despite the fact it sounds like a marital aid.

Or should that be "because of"?

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