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Martin McKeown

Guitar and Vocals

Martin holds down guitar and singing duties with the Lizards. He uses a variety of pretty "planks" including a Fender Jagmaster, Epiphone Dot, Epiphone Sheraton Semi accoustic, Epiphone J-200 acoustic, and his trusty old Les Paul.

For amplification, well it depends on the setting, he used to get away with his old Hughes and Ketner 80 watt combo, but as the gigs got bigger (and the band got LOUDER) a big Marshall JCM 2000 100 watt head with 4x12 Cab were drafted in.

Mart uses a Jim Dunlop Wah and (occasionally) a Boss Flanger to make those odd noises.

As for style and influnces...
Martin: "Not very rock and roll, but my Mum's guitar playing, my first guitar was hers. I started playing classical and always played accoustics. Then I bumped into Zeppelin."

Martin promptly bought an electric and started playing "The Wall"!
He quickly dismissed Pink Floyd as "too widdly" and took to Oasis, then the Stone Roses and Paul Weller (which lead him to OCS).

He then started fiddling with slides and "made up me own noises".

Martin often appears to revel in a lack of technical knowledge... in his own words...
"Dunno what impedance means and I don't care what order my pedals should go in".

Martin's early mistrust of "widdle" has lead him to be a very song-orientated player, which makes him a joy to be in a band with. His playing reflects this approach... its the song that is the important part. Having said that, when he does cut loose... look out, you never know which direction he's going to take off in!!

Martin's vocals and songwriting are incrediably valuable assets to the band and help put The Lizards above their guitar-wielding contempories.

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