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Ben Lawrence

Guitar and Biting

Ben plays a mean guitar with The Lizards. His main guitars are his Les Paul and Epiphone Sheraton Semi accoustic, though he owns a startling collection of around 8-9 guitars, including 6 and 12 string accoustics.

Ben favours Marshall amplification, and plays at incredible volumes... you ask anyone who's seen us (you may have to shout).

As for effects, Ben plays with a Wah, a Korg distortion box, which coupled with the Marshall get a really great dirty tone.

You can hear the influence of bluesy acts such as The Yardbirds, Free and Cream in Ben's rhythm and lead playing, which makes a nice contrast to Martin's sound. His lead playing is the envy of Reading and generally makes guitarists in the audience either want to go straight home and practice or give up playing altogether. Recently, on some of our newer tunes, Ben has been really letting himself go and adding the occasional almost psychadelic touch to his solos.

Ben is a team player though, and knows that the song comes first. Like the rest of the Lizard he is always involved in the writing of our material.

OK, I know what you are thinking... "So what's with this biting business???"

Ben IS the wolfman of Caversham. To know him is to be bitten by him. He's the only guy I know who has teethmarks on his Les Paul. Look out if you ever come and see us when its a full moon!!

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